Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things are moving along nicely

There's lots more stuff up in the shop since i first posted that we are finally working on Doormouse again. Some more flower pins and a few pendants and some really cute bobby pins. :) More to come this week. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're not dead

No really, we're not. Now i know it's been, oh let's see... WAY TO FRIGGEN LONG since we've posted but well, life got the better of us. Not a good excuse or explanation but there it is. But this month was the month for us. No more major holidays, no more family medical issues, no more two job a piece. No kidding, Theresa and I each had two, yes, two jobs a piece. Granted Theresa had the far greater weight in that, one of mine was only seasonal, but still... But February came and the clouds parted (literally, it's been bright and sunny lately) and 2 jobs became 1 a piece and the creative bug came out of hibernation.

Last night dave, theresa and i made a little doormouse production line and started posting stuff to the shop. Dave was taking pictures, Theresa was editing the pictures and i was writing descriptions and titles and posting items up in the shop.

I can not tell you how good it feels. It's so fun and fulfilling. I feel motivated and accomplished and full of energy.

So keep checking the shop and here. We'll keep posting and letting you know what is new in the shop as it goes up.

Today there are plenty of various flower pins and a few gnome hair pins with more new things to come this weekend.