Sunday, July 29, 2007

a big contented sigh

Well, our first craft bazaar is over. It was a busy and sometimes tedious week of crafting leading up to it but in the end our table looked great, we sold a decent amount of stuff and it was so fun. 6 hours went by surprisingly fast too. dave was with us all day too as our faithful minion of change making, holding stuf and lugging around our table and chairs. Theresa and I sat and crafted all day while Dave read his book. Some friends and family came and visited us and we took a few turns around the sale. so now i'll be taking pictures of things that were left over and posting stuff up on etsy now and again and getting ready for our next fair or bazaar.

theresa's amazing business card tree

tiny pin cushion lapel pins

pendants, pendants, pendants

new little owl, Clara

The sisters Sakura and Orange Blossom
Oh, and check out the little fishy pins behind them! Loving them so much.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Drool, drool, drool

Look what found while looking for a pictures of that Heather Ross goldfish fabric for a post on my personal blog...

Fabric Designer Stationary!!!! Oh, how much do i want these????

Denyse Schmidt

Amy Butler

Heather Ross

Cath Kidston



so it's the week of our first craft bazaar and we are uber disorganized and not finished. :) But it's so fun! Theresa, me, my husband dave and our friend linda have all been hard at work making pendants, fabric flower pins, pin cushions of shapes and sizes, drinking way too much coffee and laughing at i don't even know what. :) We've taken to calling dave and linda our crafty minions, we called them something else to begin with but we thought minions was more age appropriate. :)

Last night we all sat around a table cutting and gluing and sewing and giggling at all the random outbursts.

Aaaaa! It's dripping it's dripping! as dave spills lemonade on the small table and we all scramble to pick up fabric before it becomes wet and lemon scented.

Linda almost pulled an edward scissor hands and scratched her forehead with the very sharp sewing shears.

And while saving crafts from lemon death theresa almost becomes edward scissor hands number two forgetting she has sharp objects in her hands as well.

Earlier, me running from the living room, yelling THE PENDANTS!!! thinking i put in a batch of pendants into the oven 15 min before (they only take 7 min to bake), when really they were still sitting on the top of the oven waiting to go in.

We've decided that for weeks after the bazaar is over with i'm going to wake in the middle of the night yelling "Dripping!! DRIPPING!! The pendants! Oh Crap the pendants!"

I wish i had action shots to share but the batteries in the camera are dead and we haven't any more in the house. i managed to get a few this morning of the aftermath with the last bit of juice in the camera.

please notice the half drank lemonade still sitting dangerously close to our fabric scraps

little mushroom-y pincushions waiting for finishing touches

I'll take lots of pictures of the bazaar and all the creations. Whatever is left after the bazaar, probably a decent amount, we'll be putting up in our shop. See you at the bazaar on sunday!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A long pause

sorry things have been so quiet around. it's been a weird couple of weeks. My 14 year old little sister came and spent 2 weeks with us. it was so much fun and we all wished it could be longer. Oh yes, and i dyed my hair back to black and brown. Soooooo much better than the blond i tried last month. Trust me.

Also Dave's (my husband) grandma died. He wasn't close to her at all. Not too many in the world were i think. It was a strange good week and a good funeral. She was a funny little spunky thing, not the best mom growing up for the family, but a sweetie in her core and that really got to come out beautifully later in life for her. There were tears and happiness that now, in heaven, she doesn't have all the burden of a mind that never seemed to be in the best working order and a body that was hurting and dying and she now gets to be the Leona that she was meant to be, all whole and perfect and lovely and sweet and full of spunk. See you in heaven little one!

I have also been busy with crafting for our upcoming Handmade Bazaar appearance. I'll try to have pictures up soon of some of the things we'll be selling. But for now here is a thank you to our first customer! We sent your package today Erin! So excited for you to receive it.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Things are up!

the etsy posting has begun! so over the next couple weeks expect to see things popping up over at the shop on an almost daily basis. we'll put them up as we get them finished. so go on over, look around, you might make a new friend...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trina is also wonderful

won•der•ful |ˈwəndərfəl|
inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous : they all think she's wonderful | Trina is wonderful.

Yep, Trina's wonderful too. And here are some reasons why:
• She makes the world's finest cupcakes... from scratch.
• And happily shares them at tea parties.
• She's a fountain of good cheer, when I'm sad and overworked.
• Her apartment is so amazing I moved next door so I could go over and enjoy it freely.
• I particularly love the red chair and the crafty nook.
• She has an eye for finding beautiful things.
• She also has the ability to make things grow.
• The way she says pello instead of pillow.
• she's not concerned with capitalization (like e. e. cummings)
• She has two very well kept cats. (well kept as in very much loved.)
• Sophie the VW is also, very well kept.
• That she gives everything a name.
• She can make an amazing cup of coffee.
• And she can also make it by the pot.
• And the pound.
• and the spoon full
and by the gallon
an by the ocean

...and I am truly not an insomniac and need to sleep now. Good Night.

Hello #2

Well, let's see now. Unfortunately for me, insomniacs always get to things first. (A bit like the early bird and the worm.) Therefore, Trina has already introduced to you the subject of who we are. Leaving me with what we are. (Which between you and me seems a rather dry subject in comparison.) So, I won't dwell on it overly long.
We are two people... well sorry that's not very descriptive. Let's try again. We are two very quarky and imaginative neighbors who have a heart for creating crafty-artsy things, drinking tea, searching amongst thrift stores for hidden treasures and wearing/collecting fabulous eyeware.
(I think I'm stuck with the "Who" rather than the "What") So, lets have another go at this whole blog writing thing.
We make stuff... sorry once again, that's rather vague... Here we are. We make things based on what we like, who we are, where we live, how we... I don't know... how we ride our bikes while knitting up-side down and cooking cupcakes on Hawthorn.
Sorry, what I'm trying to articulate is what makes us different is where our influences come from. And they come from all over. Crafts are a lot like people. Each distinct and different with their own background and story behind them. Just like how people take little bits from the people and things in their lives that they know and love, to create who they are. So it is with crafts... a little thread, some of grandma's old handkerchiefs, a shiny thin needle, and a thimble mixed with some imagination and voilá... New living-room curtains... and a big mess on the floor. But after the kaos of creativity clears. You have something unique, not from any (fill in the blank)-mart. But something that truly reflects who you are and your own diverse personality.
So, this site is to serve two primary functions. (And some others I haven't thought of yet.) First to supply people with crafty little things to help define who they are. And secondly to help and inspire people to make they're own crafty little things... Because it's fun to be crafty....
hmmm... that was longer than I thought... and deeper.........

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well hi there! welcome to our little place. Well i guess i'll start out by telling you who we are. We are two friends, living in apartments across a courtyard from each other. We get together quite often to create and listen to records and drink tea. Sometimes we go thrifting together sometimes we just make a mess with our crafting.

This adventure began when weekly craft nights turned out so fun i felt i had finally found someone to invite into my dream of making and selling crafts. Theresa accepted and joined in the dream and now here we are giving it a go.

So how this blog will work is that we'll both post from time to time, writing and posting pictures about creativity and our crafts, the creativeness of others that inspire us, and some life and thrifting along the way. Since I am the first poster i think i'll take the opportunity to tell you about theresa and how great she is. hee hee hee. sorry theresa. that is what you get for not having insomnia.

Theresa is a wonderful, quiet, infinitely creative and talented graphic designer, if i do say so myself, and a great friend and neighbor to have. She is always coming up with great ideas and spurring me on in my own. She has great taste and an eye and knack for finding the best things at goodwill and estate sales. Oh if you could only see her place! You'd be so very envious.

We initially met because of her fabulous glasses. I had purchased a couple pair of beautiful vintage cat eye frames but didn't have a clue where to begin finding a place to get my prescription put in them. Then i saw her wearing hers and asked her where she got hers done and we just went on from there.

I am, at the moment, an unemployed barista, wife and cat caretaker. I love love love to make things but rarely can i stick to one things for very long. So at any given time i'll have 3-4 different half done or continuing projects all over the house. Right now i have 8 i believe.

July 29th will be our first attempt at selling our creations. We are super excited. We'll be selling felted wool animals, pendants, and other bit and bobs we've created along the way. really anything we can get done before the show.

Handmade Bazaar
Sunday, July 29th
12 noon - 5 PM@ AudioCinema
226 SE Madison Street
Portland, Oregon

We'll also have things up for sale on our etsy site. We are shooting to have a batch of pendants up by early next week and then after the bazaar, have more things up regularly. You'll find all the info about our shop and any local craft sales here on our blog.

Well i think that is all for now. Welcome and we're glad you're here.