Sunday, September 20, 2009

we're back!

Ahhh!!! It's over and done, and my apartment looks like it's been hit my a train filled with felt, thread, pins, needles, scissors, and other craft supplies. It took me all morning to pick up the mess of the past week. But now I can sit back, enjoy the pot of tea I made this morning, and spend a little quality time with the computer.

I think my favorite thing about craft fairs is hanging out for a day with other crafty people. They're all so friendly! And we got a lot made during this show for our next show, which made it a very successful craft day. And I'm now inspired to embroider a sign that says, "We accept cash, checks, haggling, bartering, and bribes." I have to admit, I love bartering!

There were so many great booths there. It was a really nice craft show, even though it was really more of a craft swap.


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